Who runs this blog?

Elvira and Maud run this blog. You guys are more than welcome to follow our personal blogs. 

Where do you find all your pictures?

We find pictures all over the internet. Sometimes from magazines that we buy and scan ourselves and sometimes from Getty/WireImage and from KDO

What program do you use to make gifs?

Photoshop CS5. 

What program do you use to make screen caps?

VLC media player.

Where do you download the 2 Broke Girls episodes?

If you track the 2 Broke Girls tag on tumblr you can usually find links to download the episodes in there. Or you can Download the episodes on this website. If you just want to stream the series then try here.

Those are the only websites I know of, if they don’t work for you then i’m sorry.

Do you know where I can watch all of Kat Dennings’ movies online?

I don’t know any specific website, but if you want a list of her movies I did post one here. I’m sure you can find torrents or streams somewhere. Also, you can buy the movies on Amazon or e-bay.

How can I contact Kat Dennings?

She used to have a way where you can e-mail her from her official website, but I don’t know if she still uses that e-mail. Otherwise you can try Twitter.

Does Kat Dennings have a Facebook or a Tumblr?

I don‘t think she has an active Facebook, but she does have a Tumblr and a Twitter and she now has an Instagram her screen name is ” Katdenningsss ”.

Is Kat dating Nick Zano? Who’s she dating?

Yup, they are dating. 

What lipstick does Kat use on 2 Broke Girls?

Apparently she uses Tarte Envy

Where is the sidebar gif from?

It’s from GQ

Since when have you been a Kat Dennings fan?

I’ve been a fan of Kat for a long time, but I began to really fangirl her after I saw her in Nick and Norah. That movie really showed how special she is as an actress, and well, I then found her blog and her YouTube videos and what made her even more special and awesome to me is that she’s so down-to-earth and real and just hilarious and you can tell that she loves what she does. She takes her work seriously and you can see it in the end result. I’m just happy she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. She’s truly an amazing person and I just admire her.

Do you guys take any gif requests?

Yes, we do, but they must be 2 Broke Girls or Kat Dennings related.

If you guys have any other questions, feel free to send them in our ASK box. Thank you for following!